I got pregnant at 17, I'm 18 now.

By anonymous on 02/05/2014
I got pregnant at 17, I'm 18 now. At this very moment in time I am still pregnant and I've only got a month left to go and I've read so many stories on how people say 'you're throwing your life away' 'think of what's best' and trust me I got told the exact same, people say that 'morning' sickness ends at 3 months, well no it don't;') for the lucky it does! I'm 36 weeks and I'm still being sick! the tiredness is awful and the sore boobs, argh please don't get me started and I also missed my 18th birthday which I was really upset about when I first found out I was pregnant.

I was the normal teenager, getting drunk every weekend, spending every penny on drink! such a good social life, parties 24/7,but do you know what I'm happier than what I have ever been in my life now I have my gorgeous son growing inside of me. Seeing him for the first time on ultrasound is a feeling I can't even describe, its pure, so beautiful and heartwarming I couldn't stop crying tears of happiness, and I didn't even think I wanted to keep the baby until then!
yes, my pregnancy isn't the luckiest where I'm being sick all the time but its worth it! it may be a scary thought now but give it time and it all comes natural! you need to think of the little darling baby growing inside of you too!
You may also think 'I can't support this child' you don't understand how much support is out there now! look at children in the poor areas of Africa starving, holding onto survival, you know 100% fact you can give your child a MUCH better life than that! just sit there and have a hard think once you've calmed down about the shock, decorating the baby's room, deciding a name, what they will look like.
Your parents may not be supportive at first either, trust me mine wasn't! it was abortion this, abortion that, my mum has finally come round to the idea, my dad still isn't happy but do you know what if your parents are like that then it's their loss not yours! and for the people out there who haven't had a good childhood and probably thinking ' bet she's had such a good life, big house, money' trust me it's the complete opposite! My mum was a drug addict and my dad used to hit me and my mum, I was homeless at 15 but since I've been pregnant my whole life is back on track:) studying, happy, baby on the way, have everything that we both need, a home! I just thought I'd post something positive for you all to read I hope this helps some of you in a way! good luck to ya's all!

Editor's Comment

You are very brave to have had such a difficult upbringing and to be so positive. I hope you get all the support and help you need to make this successful. I'm sure you will be a good mum.

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