I'm 15 and found out I might just be pregnant.

Hi, I'm 15 and found out I might just be pregnant. I'm in almost every sport, and I'm good at them all, but now I might just have to give them up. I don't want to, but I may just have to. I'm planning on taking a test tomorrow, I'm extremely scared, I'm taking a friend with me, so I won't be doing it all alone. I have 5 brothers, all are really protective, I'm scared for my boyfriend, he knows how my brothers are, and is really scared. I know my brothers won't do anything to him, because it would hurt me and the baby. All signs point to me being pregnant. I told my boyfriend the possibility, and he seems really happy and excited, the only thing is he is scared of what my brothers will do. I plan on keeping the baby, if I'm pregnant that is, I don't want to be pregnant, but if I am, I will love this baby with all my heart. Me and my boyfriend have already thought of names, Amara for a girl and Lou, for a boy. Is it bad that I kind of want to be pregnant, but at the same time don't?

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It is not unnatural to be excited at this possibility, but you will need a lot of help and support. If the pregnancy test is positive I think it would be good to work out your support network and see if this is going to be possible for you. for unplanned pregnancy support.

This story was sent in on 27/05/2014

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