I'm 15 and I'm now 5 months pregnant.

He's in jail and I'm living with his family.
I went to the hospital and then two days later a social worker came in saying that he hits me and stuff but it's not true because I never said that.
They ask me if he hits me or if I'm scared to go back to his house and stuff like that and I told them the truth and said 'no'. They talked to his mum and said that I can't be at there house living there. I don't want him to go to jail for something that is not true as he's already locked up and I've really got nowhere to live if I go back to my family. What do I do now, I love him and my baby and I don't want to go far away from him, what do I do?

Editor's Comment

It's hard to give you advice when I don't know all the issues but at 15 years old you are still a minor and so you come under the authority of either your parents or a local authority. If they were suspecting that your relationship was abusive, or that your boyfriend had manipulated you in the relationship, then they will want to protect you from this, and perhaps your boyfriend's family is not considered a safe place for you.
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This story was sent in on 29/09/2014

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