My parents are forcing me to terminate.

By anonymous on 30/11/2014
I am 16 years old. Just over two weeks ago I went to the doctors, I did a home pregnancy test which came up positive. At the doctors I did two urine tests which came up NEGATIVE as well as the blood test.
A few days ago I went back to get the implant put in.
The doctor did another urine test before putting the implant in and it came up positive, so we did another one and got the same result. We did a blood test and the blood test said I'm 6-7 weeks pregnant!!! :) My parents are forcing me to terminate though :'( being 16 years old am I allowed to make my OWN decision?? And will the doctor ask me if I want to terminate MY baby if they take me there to terminate it?? I really want to keep my baby! And I need all the advice I can get so I get to keep it. PLEASE HELP!

Editor's Comment

If you are 16 and considered able to make your own decisions and understand the consequences of the decisions you make, then it is your decision to choose the option you want.The doctors and nurses should ask you about your decision and you cannot be forced to have an abortion against your will.
It would be good if you can talk to your parents and tell them what you want to do. If you need any support please get in contact, for unplanned pregnancy support. or call 0300 4000 999.

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