Today we called the BPAS abortion service in Leeds

I'm 16 and live in Leeds and my boyfriend's just turned 17. I have had relationships in the past but I class this one as my first 'proper' relationship. We have been with each other for six months now and I am happier than ever. I was due for my period on the 20th, and never came on. We've been worried about this before but it's then just turned out to be a false alarm and I have come on slightly late, however this time I left it a week and I still didn't come on. I was getting worried and started looking up early signs of pregnancy and realising that I had quite a few of them such as: fatigue, feeling sick, tender breasts etc... I then though the best idea would be to take a pregnancy test, I bought a clear blue test which tells you if you are pregnant and how far along you are, it gives the symbols (-1,1+,2,2+ and then goes no further than 3+). I got the result 3+ and told my boyfriend immediately as we discussed it before I took the test and I knew that he would be with me what ever decision I decided to make in the end. The past week has been terrible, we are both really nervous, I've been constantly feeling ill (luckily haven't thrown up yet, feeling extremely tired, having cramps, regular abdominal pain, frequently going to the toilet, migraines, really sore breasts which have actually doubled in size because they are that swollen!, plenty of mood swings and I have been constantly looking up stories like this on the internet and figuring out what would be the best decision to make. We both discussed the situation and decided the best idea would be to have an abortion. Today we called the BPAS abortion service in Leeds and I have my first appointment on Monday where I will have my internal scan so they can figure out exactly how far along in the pregnancy I am, (which I have worked out to be 6-7 weeks on the date of my appointment calculated from the last period I had.) The lady I spoke to was very reassuring and polite and told me that everything will be confidential and your parents don't need to find out if you don't want them to, which I was ecstatic about because if they found out I would have no legs to walk on... She told me that I will have a medical abortion where I will have my second appointment a few days after the scan and then I will take my first dosage.
Shortly after that I will get a second appointment where I will have the second dosage and that's where thing will start to get complicated. I am glad I did the research though because I am now rather confident and know what's coming as emotional as it will be. I'm just glad that I did the test when I did, or I would have had to go through a more painful and complicated abortion which I probably would have been too scared to do and would have ended up a teen mum...

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If you need any help or support please contact CareConfidential for post abortion support.

This story was sent in on 02/12/2014

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