I got pregnant at 13.

Hi, I got pregnant at 13, and now am 16 with two twin boys aged 2, I was so scared at first it was my first time having sex and I had just started my period a couple months before.
I took the test and it was positive. I told my boyfriend who said he would support me, so we sat down and told our parents. My boyfriend's parents said they would be there, but my parents kicked me out leaving me homeless at 13. so my boyfriend's parents let me move in. Then I decided to keep the baby but on my 4 month scan I found out I was having twins and on my 6 month scan twin boys. We decided on the names and then four days after my due date (age 14) I had the twins and in the delivery room was my boyfriend and his mum.
Basically after the birth I called my parents who made it clear that they disowned me and want nothing to do with me or the twins so we moved into a flat 2 weeks ago when we were both 16. He has a job as a plumber and I do online school courses and I am not getting pregnant again.... ??

Editor's Comment

You were very young to handle such a major change to your life, and it is sad that your parents have turned their backs on you. Fortunately you have had support from your boyfriend's parents and I am sure they are enjoying their grandchildren. Although you have had to have a break in your education, I do think if you work hard you will be able to finish your education.

This story was sent in on 03/03/2015

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