Pregnant at 14

By anonymous on 08/03/2015
I was 14 years old when one night my boyfriend and I were alone at his house. His parents had gone to dinner, so we were going to be alone for a while. I remember he and I began making out on his bed. At first it was harmless, just kissing, but when he started to unbutton my pants I stopped him. I can remember telling him not to do that and so he stopped, but started to try and convince me to have sex with him. My boyfriend was two years older then me and I believed he was "way out of my league" so I gave in to him quickly without much argument. When I asked him about a condom, he told me to trust him. But before I knew it he was coming inside of me.
A few weeks later I noticed my period was abnormally late, (as a 14 year old it would occasionally come a day or two off of when it was supposed to) but I just ignored it. The next week I began to panic. I told a few of my closer friends who were amazing and supportive but didn't have much helpful advice. By the next week I was throwing up nearly every morning, my breasts were very tender and of course my period hadn't come. So I went to the pharmacy and got a test. And of course it came out with two bold lines. I immediately began to cry. I will never forget that moment.
My boyfriend, at the time was on vacation at the time, so that night I called him to tell him I was pregnant. He immediately told me it was my fault and demanded a paternity test while swearing at me and calling me names. I had never thought he would lash out like this. I just hung up the phone and cried for what was probably a solid hour. That was the moment I knew what I had to do. I had to abort my baby. I knew the father wouldn't support me and it had always been my dream to graduate high school and graduate vet school.
One of my cousins had just graduated university and was coincidently working in a sexual health clinic. She and I were very close, in fact much closer then even me and my mother. I didn't have the heart to tell my parents so I went to her sealing help and she gave it to me.
She gave me two pills to take to abort the baby, so I took them home and took them the way the box instructed. It was a long and uncomfortable situation but I don't regret it, although I still get sad about it sometimes. That night I called my boyfriend and told him what I had done and he lost it on the phone, crying and yelling at me.
Even though this situation was a very sad time for me, I don't regret my decision to abort. I can't imagine how my life would've been affected. Now, 14 years later, at the age of 28 I have my degree in veterinary medicine, two amazing children and I married my high school sweetheart. (Not the one that got me pregnant at 14, the next guy) I couldn't be happier:).

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