I was 14 and found out about my unplanned pregnancy at 24 weeks: now I have a beautiful daughter

By anonymous on 21/03/2015

I'm fifteen years old and I recently gave birth to my beautiful daughter early last month. As I said I'm fifteen but her father is nineteen. I'll start from the beginning, where it all started.

The summer of 7th grade I had met this boy for the first time ever in my life. There were a ton of other girls with me but, he was only interested in me!

I never understood why because like most of us girls I was insecure about some things about myself. But we hung out that whole day!

We kept in contact through Facebook like everyone does these days. He would always ask me if I could hang out. I would make excuses cause I wasn't sure if I should hang out with him.

We stopped talking for a year I believe then, the summer of my 9th grade year we started talking again of course through Facebook! I wouldn't give him my number.

I wasn't sure why he wanted me to come over

We started hanging out more and more. Then one day he asked me to go over to his house after we left the mall. I wasn't sure why he wanted me to come over so I asked him with no hesitation! He said a typical thing any boy who wanted to get into your pants would say. He responded with "Oh I'm just tryna chill and watch some movies." I wasn't thinking at all and just agreed!

We ended at his "aunts" house and we really did watch some movies but you know, one thing leads to another! We ended up having sex. We barely knew each other even though we were talking it wasn't anything serious it was just "hey, how are you?, what are you doing etc"...

He was my first and I ended up pregnant at 14

At the time I was fourteen and he was eighteen, he was my first! I asked him before we had sex if he had a condom he said yes and even showed me!! So I was like okay good.

Anyways long story short I ended up pregnant but didn't find out until I was 24 weeks pregnant.

I didn't think anything was wrong because it was normal for me to skip several periods in a row or my periods would come really heavy for like 7-12 days. My periods were HORRIBLE! But if I never felt her move I would not have known until I started to show. My belly bump didn't come in until 30-34 weeks pregnant.

Telling my mom....

I told my mom the blunt honest truth! I didn't want to lie and make things worse. She was mad but deep down she knew she couldn't change anything!

She told me I had choices, that I didn't have to keep the baby. (at the time we didn't know the sex of the baby.)

She said I could give the baby up for adoption. There was open and closed adoption!

Open adoption is when you can get pictures, see the baby, be a part of the baby's life, etc. Closed adoption is when you have the baby and sign the papers and that's it you don't get all the benefits that you get in the open adoption!

I completely support adoption 100% don't get me wrong sometimes babies are better off with other families. It's just something I didn't want to do. I wasn't comfortable with the picture of carrying this beautiful child inside of me for 9 months and letting someone else experience raising her! Somebody stepping up and taking my responsibility.

My recommendation...

If you're young and you plan or already are having sex please, please, please using protection! Enjoy your teenage years with no worries besides getting good grades, keeping your room clean, doing your chores etc..

Yes a child is blessing no matter what but it comes with a lot of responsibility. You can still enjoy your teenage years if you do become a teen mom but trust me it's not easy.

You may think it's easy but it truly isn't. You have to plan weeks ahead, find a babysitter & etc. You can't just up and leave anymore. You don't get to sleep in anymore!

You don't throw your life away but you definitely do put some stuff to the side. Because once you become a mother your child comes first and he/she BECOMES YOUR FIRST PRIORITY!

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