I fell pregnant at 15. By Rimpol

Hi everyone.  As a 15 years young gal I fell pregnant last year may. I tend to tell my boyfriend about the aftermath that I'm pregnant. He was surprised but told me that it's fine and I can keep it.

Everything went well until the 4th month when I heard he was dating someone else. It hurts me so much. Then I decided to end the relationship, but fortunately during the 8th month of pregnancy he came back and asked for forgiveness. I forgave him and everything got back to normal.  

But what I want you teens to know is, 'don't trust boys coz they can impregnant you and run away'. I myself I'm just thanking god coz he came back.

Editor's Comment

I'm glad things worked out well for you. I guess there rae no absolute certainties, but being in a longterm committed relationship gives some security for an unexpected pregnancy.

This story was sent in on 13/05/2015

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