No matter how much you tell yourself it could never be you, it's possible

I was a Junior in high school when I got pregnant. There were 2 other girls pregnant at the time and I would observe the attitudes others had towards them. Things such as "You threw your life away", or "You're going to be living on welfare" were things I heard others say about them. I never thought that one day they'd be saying those things about me.

I had been dating my boyfriend, now fiancé, since I was a Sophomore. It was around December of 2013 that I discovered I was pregnant. I was terrified. The week prior I had been really nauseous and just not myself but I'd never thought I was pregnant.

I didn't want to tell my boyfriend because I thought he'd be angry and leave me... I called my best friend over because I needed someone to talk to. She ended up calling him and telling him for me. To my surprise, he wasn't angry or upset. Maybe he was but he disguised it well. He came over a few minutes after and told me everything was going to be alright.

I knew I needed to tell my mom but I didn't know how to. I ended up telling her and she gave me the silent treatment for about a week. But she came out to be supportive and told me what I do with the baby was completely up to me.

I gave birth August 12, 2014, to a healthy baby boy. It can happen to anybody. No matter how much you tell yourself that it could never be you, it's possible. I'm 19 now. Engaged to my baby's father, living in my own house and doing well.

Having a baby at my age didn't stop me from going to college. I'm working towards a degree in Psychology. Nothing is impossible.

This story was sent in on 06/07/2015

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