My parents gave me the choice of abortion or keeping the baby, and I decided to keep it

By Mina

Hello, I’m Mina! I guess I should start this story from the beginning.

When I was in 7th grade I got my period. I guess with all the changes happening in my body I got way more emotional and so when my parents would host parties and kind of just, ignore me, I would feel very unloved and in a very dark place.

From that moment on, it seemed as though my life got worse, with my best friend not wanting to be friends with me anymore, being sexually harassed by classmates, and struggling with my grades.

By 8th grade, I had become even lower and I felt as though nobody loved me. I felt lonely and just wanted love.

Around September of 8th grade, I met a boy and we became good friends. Eventually, we became more than friends and ended up having sex. I had felt loved and happy because there was finally someone who treated me with kindness!

But then I started to feel ill in the morning, among other things. Remembering what I had learned in Health class made me begin to worry that I was pregnant, so I confided in my aunt about everything and she bought a pregnancy test. It came back positive and I cried for a long while.

My aunt and I came up with a plan to tell my parents because I was afraid of telling them. We told them and even though they were disappointed, they said they’ll help me. We also had to tell the father which went well, and he promised to stay with me along the way.

My parents gave me the choice of abortion or keeping the baby, and I decided to keep it. We decided to name it Chisa if it’s a girl and Naruto if it’s a boy (yes I love anime).

While I know I shouldn’t have gotten pregnant, I am honestly excited for our child, even if it’s going to be a lot of hard work.

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Mina sent this story in on 01/01/2019

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