I just wonder if I could've been pregnant and lost it? I'm just so confused - does anyone have any advice?

I had been having pregnancy symptoms but I was too scared to take a pregnancy test so I didn't as I'm only 16 and I was told at 14 there was a slim chance I could get pregnant.

I was also on the coil. I went to the toilet one day and I had a huge blood clot that was a browny colour and spotting in my underwear. I was having extremely bad cramps (particularly in the left side of my stomach), I was feeling really dizzy and I was feeling really sick.

This happened on and off for 2 days and the cramps were so bad I could hardly walk. I worked out that (if I was pregnant) I would've been 10-11 weeks gone. Again, I got too scared to take a test but my friend made me take one around just over a week after the bleeding and the cramps etc and the test came back negative.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or if anyone knows if I could've been pregnant and lost it? I'm just so confused. My stomach has gone slightly round as if I'm showing a little and it's still like this after having the bleeding etc.

This story was sent in on 25/01/2019

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