Taking the morning after pill Levonelle within 12 hours has a 94% success rate

By Emily on 05/02/2019

Thought I'd tell my story as I'm still in shock and kind of need to let it out! I had unprotected sex about three weeks ago on Jan 19th and took the morning after pill Levonelle within 12 hours. I thought I'd be covered as the Doctor told me it had a 94% success rate.

Anyway, I didn't think anything of it as I'd previously been in a relationship of nearly two years and most of the time the sex was unprotected - guess I was very lucky!

So, fast forward to Jan 27th, I thought I'd buy some First Response tests on Amazon just in case. I took one and only one line showed up - yay! I was in the clear, or so I thought.

Today (Feb 5th) I was supposed to start my period and remembered that this week my boobs had been (and still are!) very sensitive and a few drinks and foods didn't taste the same. I had a few tests left so decided to take them and there they were, the two lines loud and clear.

That was this morning, I'm still in total shock! It was the only time I have had sex since the summer and I get pregnant!

[Finding yourself with an unplanned pregnancy can be a bit of a shock. To help find the best way forward for you find out what your pregnancy choices actually are. Talking to somebody you trust will help you to deal with your situation. If you don't have anybody you can confide in then free and confidential pregnancy counselling is also available.]

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