You'd imagine I'd be on a path to success but here I am, 14 years old, writing about rape awareness

By anonymous on 12/02/2019

I'm not sure how these websites work but I feel that someone should hear my story because rape is overlooked in small towns like mine, so if you're reading this... please realize that telling people they are adopted is not a joke and rape can happen anywhere to anyone.

Furthermore, hello. I'm 14 years old and I'm turning 15 on March 10th. I was nominated math student of the month by my Algebra teacher, I'm in student council, I have all A's, I am in a marching band, I'm my towns Spelling Bee champion and I pretty much have a path leading straight to success right?

I'm probably not the girl you'd perceive to be up at 11:30 at night typing a story about rape awareness and my story with rape but here I am.

So it all started when around mid-December. I started to get really sick, my doctors couldn't even begin to imagine that anything major was wrong with a perfectly healthy kid like me. They sent me in for bloodwork to see if I was iron deficient supposing that because it was common I could have low iron.

A few days later my mom brought me over to her friends' house and sat me down. They told me I was pregnant and started showing concern because I'm not the type of girl who would be irresponsible like that and have unprotected sex. Being that I'm only 14 we set up a meeting with an abortion clinic to see if we could simply get it over with.

I was heartbroken and very young. With my life set up so well how could all go so wrong.

They told me after an ultrasound that I was 26 weeks pregnant and abortion was no longer legal. My mom questioned me for weeks, scared not letting me out of her sight.

One day I started feeling guilty like it was my fault. I told my mom about my ex-best friend who encouraged an 18-year-old to sexually assault and rape me at her bonfire. This changed the story quite a bit.

My mom was shocked because, like me, she found safety in our little town. I had to be pulled out of school and go online and began to feel lonely. I am now 33 weeks pregnant expecting birth at any given time in the middle of setting up a family to adopt my baby boy and love him.

So, this just goes to show that even if you have a rough time with your family, it is better to tell someone about incidents like this before you're 33 weeks pregnant, suffering from insomnia, PTSD and an eating disorder. You are a strong girl and life will go on. As for you, mentally at least you will be indestructible.

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