I'm 34 weeks pregnant after being raped, I'm having a girl and she's the reason I keep going

By Cara on 04/01/2020

When I was 14, I was raped. I had been raped before because I had grown up in a rough situation. This was different though. I didn't know the man who did this to me. I was so scared that I didn't tell anyone.

I kept it inside for weeks. I kept getting really sick and really tired. I started to think that I might be pregnant. I first told my mom that I had been raped then my suspicions that I was pregnant.

She immediately helped me to get a pregnancy test and stayed with me while I took it. We waited until the result showed up and it was positive. I cried. All I could do was sob.

My mom eventually talked to me about what I was going to do. I knew that I could not give this baby up. I was raised in foster care and I would never let another innocent child go into foster care if I could help it. I did consider abortion. In cases of rape even most religions are tolerant of abortion, so I did consider it.

I eventually decided to keep my baby, but it was mostly out of obligation, not love. By the time I told my dad, I did love this child and I was excited to get to meet and I was trying to move on from all that had happened to me.

My dad was furious when I told him that I was pregnant. I was too embarrassed to tell him about my rape at first. I guess I said something that clued him in as to what happened and he asked my mom for clarification so that I would not have to say that word.

They both support my decision to keep this baby and they are helping me so much. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and I will be having a girl. I'm so excited to see her and get to hold her. She is the reason I keep going through the hardest times of this pregnancy.

For anyone going through anything similar, I'm sorry, but it will get better if you give it time.

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