Hi I am 15 and not 16 for another 6 months. My little angel is expected in 12 weeks and I am finding times exciting as well as hard.

I never found out I was pregnant until I was 22 weeks gone so I haven’t had much time to get used to the idea. I am staying at school and looking forward to motherhood, I think! How do you know I love babies but how do I know I’ll be a good mum? The baby’s father is still my boyfriend and looking for work slowly but my dad is trying to get him arrested and get the baby taken off me! This is so difficult and to all other young girls who go through this, you’re not alone. I know how hard it can be. I feel so isolated and alone. My friends want to drink and party; I can’t do that now. I don’t know where to turn. My relationship with my mum is strong but I need a friend my age! Coping with teenage pregnancy is the hardest thing ever and I respect all teenage girls who stand by their children and become good role models. Good luck with motherhood and remember there is support somewhere!!!! Editor’s note: Thanks for writing in…you seem to have very mixed emotions about your situation, enjoying the fact that you’re expecting a baby, but feeling isolated and friendless, despite support from your mum. I want to encourage you that, in your heart, you obviously have a desire to be a good mum; you’re willing to learn and you’re being responsible about looking after yourself during the pregnancy. Well done for staying at school! It’s not easy. It might do you good to visit your nearest centre and see if they can put you in touch with other young mums your age. Let us know how you get on with your pregnancy – we look forward to hearing from you again.

This story was sent in on 17/06/2008

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I had my daughter at 17. It wasn't easy but it was right for me.

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I was 15 when i became pregnant. I was scared and part of me really didn't believe I was pregnant.

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