16 and pregnant ?

By anonymous on 08/04/2010
16 and pregnant? No not me! That's what I said before I actually got pregnant.I told my boyfriend of 2 years and he said we should keep him/her.
What will my friends think?I didn't have a clue about babies! I always looked after my little cousins but that doesn't count. I never had a child before.
Telling my parents was the LAST thing I wanted to do but the truth had to be known sooner or later.
The next day when I was at school I started thinking about how I was going to tell my mom and dad.In third period (PE) I decided to send my mom a text message and just said hi. She said hi back. Then after like 5 minutes I took a deep breath and texted,"I'm pregnant". She said, " if ur playing it really isn't funny and if ur serious then we are not having this conversation thru a text message". I didn't reply though.

Our parents were waiting for us

When school was out my boyfriend drove me home and as we walked through the door my parents and his parents were sitting at the table waiting for us.
At first,I wasn't crying but when my dad put on his SERIOUS look I went into tears.
They explained to us the options we had. We explained to them that we were keeping the baby.(Abortion is against my family's beliefs and adoption is against my boyfriend's family's beliefs) So what choice did we really have?

I was having a baby girl

The next day My mom took me to the doctor instead of going to school and I found out I was 3 months pregnant. 3 more months later I found out I was having a baby girl, we decided to name her.
I am so glad I didn't follow thru with abortion or adoption, and I am so glad that both our families were so understanding and supportive.
God has blessed me with a beautiful family,daughter,and soon to be husband.

Editor's Comment

I'm glad that everything worked out so well for you, and that you made a decision you were both happy with. I'm sure your daughter is lovely and that you have a very special close knit family. It was good to hear that your families talked through all the options and allowed you to make your own decision, even though you were still very young. It sounds as though they are very supportive, and I'm sure you are glad to have them as grandparents for your daughter.

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