We slept together without using protection

By anonymous on 06/05/2010
Hi I am 18 year old. I have a boyfriend of 6 months and we have slept together without using protection. I haven't had a period for 9 weeks and use to have them regularly.
Have done 3 pregnancy tests, all have came back negative. Am always tired, being/ feeling sick and getting really bad stomach cramps and pains. Don't knw what to do.

Editor's Comment

It can be very worrying when you know you have put yourself at risk of an unplanned pregnancy. If your pregnancy tests have been negative it may be that you are not pregnant and your period is just late, or you could be having an early miscarriage. Occasionally a pregnancy does not show up but this is less common. I would suggest that you go and see your doctor. They can do a sensative pregnancy blood test that will give you an accurate answer about whether you are pregnant or not. Please call the national helpline 0300 4000 999 if you have any concerns you would like to talk through.

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