Moving out of the dark place

By anonymous on 24/05/2010

At certain times of the year I used to get very "down" and couldn't understand why. My abortion was something I never talked about, it was a secret. After 15 years the wall of denial started cracking and I confided in someone. A few years later I met, by chance, a woman who was a volunteer in a centre in Derby.

She sent me a leaflet about pregnancy crisis centres and I got help from the nearest centre which, back then, was in Basingstoke. With the help of a lovely lady there I worked through the book "A Season to Heal". It was such a relief to discover that the things I had experienced weren't unique to me, they had a name, "Post Abortion Stress". Part of this stress is "Anniversary Dates" such as conception, discovering being pregnant and thinking about abortion, the abortion date and the time the baby would have been due. Talking about an abortion experience can help on it's own. Working through some of the issues and pains can be a key to moving out of the dark place.

Editor's comment

Thank you for letting us know how you received help. I am so glad that you have realised where your pain was coming from and that you were able to find help. I hope that your story will give other women the courage to seek help too.

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