I'm 15 and pregnant after a drunken mistake

By anonymous on 06/07/2010

Here is my story....

I was 15, young and happy when I met a boy older than me, 18. He started off being nice which went downhill very quickly. He cheated on me, abused me and made me feel like crap.

I started drinking excessively and one drunken night slept with him unprotected and became pregnant. I told nobody but him. He told me that if I didn't get rid of it he would be in my life everyday and would take the child away from me.

Then on the day of my 1st hospital appointment he decided to tell his friends and they abused me in his house. He then threw me out and they carried on in the street, which I will never forget. He eventually took me to the hospital (with his friends) I don't know why I wanted him to come as he was high on drugs.

I went in for a blood test and when I came out I realized they had left me there with no money to get home.

Eventually I broke down and told my mum, she came with me on the day, I hardly remember anything after that. I went back to him but he eventually left me for someone else.

I struggle everyday to cope and I hope one day I will find peace.

Editor's comment

Your boyfriend seemed to have a very strong hold over you, and it sounds as though you lost your self worth and confidence in the way he treated you.

No one deserves to be treated in the way that you have, and you are certainly worth far more than the way you were used in this relationship.

I believe that you can find peace through all that you have experienced, but you may need help to work through your hurt and build your self esteem again. Seeking some form of counselling may help you process your feelings.

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