There was no option, I was not even allowed to discuss keeping "her"

By anonymous on 06/07/2010
medical abortion

I have two children with my partner of 4 years. When I fell pregnant by complete shock for the 3rd time we knew we couldn't keep "her". There was no option, I was not even allowed to discuss keeping "her".

So I was booked in for a Medical Abortion on Thursday

But on the Monday I started bleeding heavily.

Thanking God that nature had taken its course, I went to the appointment on Thursday thinking I would be told I have lost it.

But I had not, I was still pregnant. They offered me to wait a week and see if nature did take its course, but I didn't want to wait. I took the first pill that day.

Nothing happened.

Went back the following day to have 4 tablets placed inside to start contractions. As soon as I had them in, contractions came thick and fast! I was then sent home.

I could not make it home in the car so begged my partner to stop at Asda and ran to the disabled loo. By now I was in so much pain, I thought I was going to pass out. As soon as I sat on the toilet I needed to push.

No one told me I would have to "give birth"

I can honestly say I have never been so scared! I pushed 4x and loads of different sized clots came out and the pain stopped straight away!

I'm still bleeding and its been 4 days now and still in alot of pain.

Editor's comment

I have to say it always seems quite dangerous to send someone home at this stage in the process as they may bleed heavily, or like you not make it home before the process starts. If you had been caught in the car it could have been quite traumatic, and as it was it sounds upsetting. Your threatened miscarriage seemed like nature taking its course but then surprisingly the pregnancy did not end there. You sound as though you may have been upset that you were not able to think through your options and choose what you wanted to do. I am always sad when a woman feels pressurised into her decision because it is often hard to handle your feelings afterwards. If you would like some post abortion support please follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area. I am sure that it would help you to talk this through with someone.

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