The angel of my tears - a poem

By anonymous on 27/03/2007
The angel of my tears

How do you morn the death of someone that never got to live?

How do you picture a face you never got to see?

How can you leave some one you never got to meet?

To me all you are is the memory of all that might have been,

A small whisper as the wind blows through the trees.

How can you give so much without any time?

How can I cry tears for someone that was never mine?

How can my life feel empty with the loss of something that was never in it?

You lived the lonely night of life and never got to see the dawn,

And left me to wander through the lonely hours alone.

How do you love a person that never came to be?

How can you create a personality for someone who will never breathe?

How can you watch the sun set when you’ve never even seen it rise?

I love you as if you’ve lived for years,

No more,

No less,

Angel of my tears!

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