After so many years of pain 'The Journey' has given new meaning to my life

In 1969 at sixteen years of age I was subjected to a Hysterotomy (the foetus being removed by caesarian operation). Then I was seventeen weeks pregnant and quite religious! Secrecy was the order of the day, lies were told to cover the shame.

It was hardly surprising that I felt such guilt and shame

I believed that God had abandoned me, for the hideous act carried out on my body. I have suffered mental health issues all my life, yet firmly believing that no one could help me.

41 years have passed and the pain still RAW!

Recently I undertook 'The Journey' through Kings Care

My counsellor gave new meaning to my life and I began to express my emotions in Poetry. This proved to be a great comfort and release.

My wish is for others blighted by the same horrific operation, no matter how many years ago. Go and seek help, you will be astounded.

This story was sent in on 30/09/2010

Editor's comment

I am appalled that you have been suffering for so many years after such a bad experience.

I suppose that years ago there was less help and support available and as you say the shame was often wrapped up in secrecy.

It is amazing that 'The Journey' programme brings such release and I hope that many other women who struggle after abortion will access this excellent programme and find a way to move forward.

Free and confidential post-abortion support is available in your area - follow this link to find a centre for post-abortion support.

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