I felt I couldn't go ahead with the pregnancy

By anonymous on 09/02/2011
medical abortion abortion 8 weeks

I had a Medical abortion yesterday. I am 37 years old and had only been seeing my boyfriend for a few weeks so felt I couldn't go ahead with the pregnancy.

Also for financial reason, I also already have 2 children aged 12 and 13. Which were also both accidents!!

Yes I should have more sense by now but accidents happen!

I had arranged an abortion with my first child and after a very difficult couple of weeks of “yes we'll keep it” and “no we can't” I turned up at the hospital and my then partner said “we can't do this” and we just drove home! she is now 13 and a great kid.

I didn't know how I was going to cope as I was only 23 and still living with parents but things work out!

This time, I didn't go through with the pregnancy

Anyway this time I decided not to go through with the pregnancy

It has been a little emotional and I have had a few tears and felt very tired and sick also had a couple of weeks of slight bleeding/spotting!

I luckily had a dr's appointment already booked so didn't have to wait the usual week plus for an appointment. He refered me to the local NHS hospital which took a couple of weeks for my appointment.

The first appointment was the monday for a dating scan which showed I was 7½ weeks pregnant and counselling to see which method, and my reasons for wanting an abortion, also to check future contraception.

I chose the Medical method and was given dates to return

The following Saturday I returned for the first tablet.

I had no side effects and just had to wait in the hospital for an hour and then the Monday 8.30 for the full day in hospital.

When I arrived I was given my own room with a bed, sink & commode. My partner came to support me and I was a little horrified that there was no private toilet but I suppose all hospitals are different! I just had to send him out the room when I needed to go.

The nurse put 4 tablets into my vagina and an antibiotic suppository up my bottom.

Nothing much happened and I had to lay down for an hour then walked around the room to try and get things going.

After a couple of hours, I started to get period pains

I waited a while and requested some paracetamol not long after taking these I was sick.
I asked for more paracetamol but was given codeine. I was offered a sickness injection but the sickness passed once I had been sick.

It was not nice. I had diarrhoea and also passed some blood/clots. I had to press the buzzer for the nurse to check and change the toilet after each time.

By 2pm the nurse confirmed I had passed the tissue and was told I could leave after an hour as they just had to monitor blood loss. But as my blood group is Rh neg I had to wait for an injection which did not arrive until 6pm.

I was then given 4 large antibiotic tablets to take there and I was able to leave.

Today I feel fine the sickness & tiredness have gone I have had some bleeding but not as bad as I thought and I have not had anymore pain killers since the hospital.

I was also ok to drive myself home from hospital. But if you need to have injected painkillers I don't think you are able to drive.

Everyone is different but I do believe I have made the right decision.

I was curious and researched 8-week old embryos on the internet

I did look at what I passed but I didn't see anything just blood and clots so I suppose it's best not to look.

I have also learnt to be much more careful in future as it has been a very difficult and emotional past few weeks but I do feel fine now.

Editor's comment

It was interesting reading your 2 scenarios, the first when you changed your mind on a planned abortion, and the second when you chose to have the abortion. After what you describe as "a difficult and emotional few weeks" you feel as though you have come through it now and hopefully move on from your experience. If you ever feel you need to talk it through with someone you can get help and advice from a centre providing post-abortion support in your area.

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