My heart was not with an abortion...

By anonymous on 17/04/2007
I had an abortion last year, through my parents wanting me to continue with my life. However, since this, I have experienced serious depression and guilt. Abortion is not the right thing as I constantly think about what my life would be like now with a child. My heart was not with an abortion and if you feel that you don’t want to do it, don’t listen to those who tell you it’s right because if you want a baby then do it no matter what anyone says!

Editor’s note: Thanks for sharing your story. You sound very sad and regretful. It is very telling that you say ‘my heart was not with an abortion’ – that sums it up for many women who choose to go ahead, believing that it’s the right thing for them because others tell her so, knowing that deep down something is very uncomfortable with the idea. Perhaps you even have negative feelings towards your parents now, although I’m sure they wanted the best for you. If you have not received any support towards recovery yet, please visit a centre, phone the helpline or go on Online Advisor. We know there is hope and a way forward to help you come to terms with this experience and find healing for your heart.

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