An abortion now regret

By anonymous on 19/08/2011
I had an abortion back in 2010, and now I regret what I did so much! The pain and hurt I put myself through for what I did, I shall never forget. Seeing the scan that day as the nurse put the jelly on my belly is enough for anyone to be put off. Don't be scared, or feel alone, follow your heart and no one elses, don't worry what your family will say, as you know that when that baby is here, they will love it as much as they love you. Just think girls, I know I am now :((

Editor's Comment

It is hard to live with regret for something that is so final. Making a decision like this can be lifechanging and yet women have to make it so quickly, often with very little help or support. Your story highlights how important it is to receive counselling and support as you make your decision so that you have time and space to think, and get in touch with what you feel deep inside and not just the external issues. If you would like some post abortion support please call the helpline 0300 4000 999 and they can put you in touch with an advisor in your area.

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