A medical abortion for fetal defect

By anonymous on 09/11/2011
I had to have a medical abortion due to a fetal defect. The pregnancy was unplanned however I still wanted to carry on with it. At the 16 week scan I was informed that my baby had spina bifida of the skull and the options were to have an abortion, or to have a still birth after the 9 months. I chose to have an abortion as it would be more painful (emotionally) at a later time.

The decision does upset me as it's something I had no real choice over however I know it has to be done. To all those women who feel forced into abortion I strongly advise they don't do it unless its truely what they want. It doesn't affect everyone but you don't want that regret if it does.

This has been one of the hardest things I've had to do and I can only hope I'll become a stronger person out of it and at a later point can hopefully have a beautiful baby. Just need to wait and see...

Editor's Comment

It was very brave of you to share your story, thank you. To find out that your baby has such a disability must have been very distressing for you, and I hope you have plenty of support as you go through this. Please contact CareConfidential if we can support you.

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