A medical abortion at 7 weeks.

By anonymous on 11/02/2012
I grew up in a pro-choice household. Assuming that if I had ever been in a position to abort, I would have no hard feelings. Eventually, I got married, gave birth to two beautiful girls, landed a brand new job that I had worked my butt off for and my husband and I were finally settling into a role of financial freedom (we had been struggling for sometime).

January 2012 arrived but my period didn't. With a heavy heart I went to Planned Parenthood and found out the consequence of one heated New Years Eve celebration: PREGNANCY. It was like a flashing red beacon. I was terrified and all that I believed about pro-choice was now staring me in the face. Simply put, both my husband and I did not want the baby. I say my husband and I because I wasn't standing alone in the room and got pregnant, he was just as much a part of it as I was. I almost didn't tell him because I felt that he would persuade me to have the baby. Lying to my husband, my best friend, the father of my two girls, was not an option. I needed to be open because I was going to need support. We decided, together, to terminate the pregnancy.

It is a very emotional experience. One that I wouldn't choose to have my worst enemy make.

I chose to have a medical abortion which is done with pills and I could be at home. I went in Thursday for verficiation of how many weeks, had my blood tested for RH and so on. There was a vaginal ultrasound done to prove the weeks pregnant, I was 7 weeks. After a 2 hour visit of questions and testing I felt ready. The DR gave me a pill (mifepristone) at his office and I was able to complete my day and finish my routine.

Friday, I took the 4 pills of misoprostol. Within an hour of "cheeking" the pills I began bleeding. There were heavy clots that I could feel coming out. Each time I felt this I tried to get to the bathroom. I was afraid of what I was going to see on my pad and wanted it in the toilet. For approximately 6 hours I cramped, bled, dumped clots in the toilet and took Tylenol with codeine. I have two children, and the cramping was not severe like labor, as I had expected. Very uncomfortable but manageable. I got a good nights sleep and today, being the day after, I'm fine! My tummy is a little sore from the cramping but that is it.

Overall, I feel relief.

The relief I feel is causing me to feel a bit guilty but not too much. Most of all, I had a great support system. Sometimes I think that we want to keep a secret for fear of what others will think. Just like I had misinterpreted my husbands feelings. I was honest and open which ultimately has made me feel better knowing I have someone in my corner. This was a difficult choice. It was our choice and I'm feeling good, mentally, with the choice made.

Editor's Comment

I am sure it is always best to be open and honest with those who are close to you. Keeping a secret like that would have been unbearable. It was obviously a very difficult decision for you both but one that you talked through and decided together.

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