A medical abortion for fetal disability

I went for a scan with my second child and the nurse said the space between the brain was too big on the screen. I did not think much of it as I thought the baby's head was big but when the specialist did the scan again he said there was fluid where there should be brain tissue and that the baby would be badly mentally and physically disabled, that was if I managed to carry full term and he recomend having a termination.
After carefully thinking about it we decided we could not put a baby through that and had the termination. I was thirteen weeks pregnant and so happy I even told our daughter she would be having a baby brother or sister. It was as if my whole life was about to be ended. I had the tablet and told to come back two days later. I went in on Friday morning at eight and by ten they inserted the tablet up me. A little while later I had some cramp but not that bad. Then at two they inserted another tablet and I started to bleed and get pains in my stomach.

Editor's Comment

This must be one of the hardest situations to go through. Yours was a very wanted baby who had a serious disability and you were told it would affect the baby physically and mentally. You must be grieving now for your loss and all the hopes and dreams you had for your family. If you would like some more support please contact CareConfidential.

This story was sent in on 15/02/2012

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