Does passing the fetus straightaway mean I miscarried?

I had an abortion at 10 weeks and had the Pill and pessary.

After I was given the first lot I was in a lot of pain straight away and had to be given an injection for pain and sickness, as I was throwing up everywhere.

I soon feel asleep and an hour later I passed the fetus.

All the other women were still having the treatment after I left about 3pm that day.

Does it mean I would have miscarried with me passing the fetus straight away?

This story was sent in on 05/04/2012

Editor's comment

There is no way of knowing if you might have miscarried, and everyone has a different experience with a medical abortion with some being very quick and others taking many hours.

I hope that your post-abortion recovery goes smoothly, but please contact a centre if you need post-abortion aftercare or support.

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