3 unwanted abortions

MY HUSBAND wanted a baby and I became pregnant, then he made me abort, same followed the next year and lastly one more year.
In total I had 3 abortions, two were medical and at home I feel the loss of 3 children, the guilt too.
I feel not to live any more longer AND miss these three children my husband has no grief about it.

Editor's Comment

This sounds very distressing for you and I wonder why you feel so powerless in the situation. You have the choice about whether you continue your pregnancy or have an abortion. If he is pressurising you, or forcing you to have an abortion, you should tell someone and get some help and support. You can ring our helpline confidentially, or log onto a confidential counselling service on the website.

This story was sent in on 14/05/2012

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How could I terminate my baby when it hurt so much to lose the 2 we had already lost.

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We broke up after I had an abortion.

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