2 year old twins and pregnant again.

By anonymous on 06/06/2012
I am currently sat doing all the research I can on abortion while I wait to get through to my doctors on the phone.
My partner and I have just found out we're pregnant and we feel so lost.
We have twin 2 year olds and I have post natal depression. I am coping ok with it now, but struggled a lot for the last two years. We have loads of reasons not to have the baby but we don't know if they are the right ones.

We feel we could cope with one, but the fear is two?

please help!
Here's some reasons: we have TWO TWO year olds! We have no money already and feel we couldn't support another set of twins or more! I'm scared of being depressed again. We worry about the strain it would have on the twins, and us.
My last pregnancy was horrible all the way through, this one feels same! There's loads more, but are we wrong to say if it is one baby we will go ahead and if it's more we won't?! as twin parents we understand what a gift they are and can we destroy that gift?
It sounds awful, but my partner says if I could tell him it was one he would be celebrating, but this fear we have of multiples is crippling us!
So that is where we're up to now, I'm just ringing the docs, still busy.....will they give me a scan I wonder, then maybe we can decide. We feel so terribly guilty and sad when we should be happy.

Editor's Comment

I can understand your fears. Twins are wonderful, but very hard work in the early years, and the prospect of twins again must make you feel very anxious. I suggest you take a day at a time at the moment. An early scan should be able to tell you if you are having a single baby, and then you can think it through again. It is worth asking yourselves how you feel about abortion, and how you might cope if you chose this option. The last thing you want is to feel more depressed because you don't feel comfortable with abortion. When you talk about 'destroying the gift' it sounds as though you are struggling with your conscience about abortion. If you would like to talk this through with a pregnancy advisor, please contact the national helpline 0300 4000 999, or find a centre near where you live.

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