I had a medical abortion today, not something I want to experience ever again.

By anonymous on 08/09/2012
I had a medical abortion today, not something I want to experience ever again. If you are reading this, I would say go with a surgical abortion, as you don't get to see what you are passing, less pain and you can't tell when you have passed the fetus as you can not see it.

I went in yesterday to take my first tablet I was there about a hour and half. I had my blood pressure, heart rate and temp taken.
When I got home I felt no pain, no cramps no sickness and did not even have vaginal bleeding like I was pre-warned about.

I went back to the hospital at 8 am this morning, where I was greeted by a nurse who checked my details and showed me to my room. The bed was not made, but I believe this is because they want you to be mobile as this starts the process off a lot faster.

I took the tablets at around 9am, I had to let them dissolve between my gums and cheek lining but had to swallow them with water a hour later as the tablets did not dissolve fully.

I then walked around the hospital to get a coffee by the time I was served I was feeling sick, dizzy and started to get cramps in my lower abdomen. I got back to the ward just in time before I started passing blood, loose stools and began throwing up.

I was like this until 11am, when I started to pass large clots, the worse sensation in the world (to me anyway) when I started to pass the bigger clots. It was about an hour of passing very large clots before a very horrible healthcare assistant said you passed something but not in the nicest way she could of said it. Whilst sighing she took away the bed pan, and I asked for pain relief, this is when she shouted at me that there was an emergency on the ward and I would have to wait. I never got it. I am a student nurse, I know there can be emergencies but think about what the patient is going through before you snap their heads off, if you do not agree with what they are doing, don't work on the ward.

After I passed the very large clots my cramping calmed down ever so slightly and I felt different emotionally.

This was when I started crying and hating what I had done

I asked my family if I was a horrible person for doing this. I think these feelings are very normal but I don't think I would have felt that way if I hadn't of seen the clots and known within the clots was a life. The nurse came in to tell me she thought the process was complete and gave me a hug as I was crying and was very supportive, if your nurse is there use them as a support tool.

I was allowed home at 2pm after I had taken more antibiotics and had my contraceptive injection. It is now 4.30 pm and I still have diarrhoea and passing blood with really bad cramps. I was told I shall stay like this for a few days and it will ease off.

Eat what you want when you get home I went for chocolate and icecream. You deserve it you have been through a lot.

Editor's Comment

You are very aware of what is happening to you in a medical abortion, and seeing what you pass can be distressing. I think it always helps to have pre abortion counselling so that you understand what you will go through and what it will be like. Having all the information helps you to make an informed choice. If you need more help and support after your abortion please contact CareConfidential.You can call the national helpline 0800 028 2228, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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