I was 16 years old when I had the abortion

By anonymous on 11/09/2012
I was 16 years old when I had the abortion. I am now 22
and it still crosses my mind at least once a week. Here's my story.

It was about 6 weeks after my 16th birthday I found out.
My boyfriend and I had been together for nearly 2 years
and were the typical "high school" couple. When I told him
he didn't say much but it was clear from his reaction he didn't want
to go through with the pregnancy.
I couldn't tell my mum, I was far too
scared and instead told my best friend :)
I made my decison
based on the fact that we were both still in high school and there was
no way we could give this baby any kind of life, as much as I hated myself for it
I decided to go ahead with the abortion.
To this day I still remember the date,
November 13th. My boyfriend didn't support me through any of it, he basically just left me to get on with it.
He didn't come to any of the hospital appointments or support me the day I went
through with it. I hated him for it. On leaving the hospital I remember feeling as if I had
left something behind? I felt something missing, and the weeks after I was a mess,
I couldnt believe I had got myself into such a mess. My boyfriend and I drifted apart and we split up a couple of months later.
We ended up back together and I fell pregnant AGAIN at the age of
16. I couldn't believe I had got myself back into the situation again. There was no way
I was going through another abortion and I am now proud mum to my 5 year old son :)
My boyfriend and I are still together, but I've never really gotten over him abandoning me when
I needed him......I still feel guilty about my decision and don't think I've properly dealt with
these feelings. All I can say is 'make sure you make the decision for you'......
Not for him.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your story. It sounded as though you had a hard time going through that experience without your boyfriend's support, and maybe it is something you still need to work through together before you can put it behind you.

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