I had a medical abortion (at 8 weeks) this morning.

By anonymous on 13/09/2012
I had a medical abortion (at 8 weeks) this morning. Yesterday I went into hospital to have the oral pill and this morning in again to have the second vaginal pills. I inserted them myself and was allowed straight home (with a driver) with pain relief.
A lot of the stories on here are very negative so I just wanted to leave a more positive experience.

I don't think anyone chooses to have a termination, they decide they don't want to keep a baby (for whatever reason)

- that is 2 very different things.
I discovered I was pregnant and when I decided to have a termination discovered at the scan it was twins. Although both my partner and I are very sad about it, it was definitely the right decision for me at this time.
The most difficult part has been waiting - it was 2 weeks from finding I was pregnant and knowing I wanted a termination to having the procedure - this has been difficult and I have been hormonal and weepy. Also sick, exhausted, and starting to show.
Anyway I came straight home from the hospital and got warm (I was very cold) and filled hot water bottles and turned on the telly and after about 2 hours mild cramping started similar to period pains. It did get a lot more painful. I used the pain relief but at it's peak was still very sore. Passing the foetuses happened after about 3 and 4 hours and was preceded by bad pains but they passed quickly. Now it is 6 and a half hours later and although I am achy and tired I don't think I will need any more pain relief.
I feel relieved that it is over and think it was very quick which I am thankful for. I think I was lucky but this must be as common as the worse experiences people have. It is very sad but (so far) nothing more. I know I will always think of these babies but hope that I will have the strength of my convictions as time passes.

Editor's Comment

People's experiences do vary a lot, and yours is a balance between feeling sad about what has happened, but still confident that your decision was right for you. Sometimes a strong conviction and united support seems to make the experience easier. Thanks for giving your perspective.

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