I had a medical abortion yesterday and I want to share my experience.

By anonymous on 14/02/2013
I had a medical abortion yesterday and I want to share my experience.

I was 6 weeks pregnant, and went in for a surgical procedure in the only clinic in my area performing abortions. I had a pretty good idea what to expect as I spent many days and nights on the internet researching both methods to help me decide between the two, and after coming across so many horror stories with the medical abortion I opted for the surgical.
The clinic I went to did not offer general anaesthesia, or even IV sedation for the procedure. All they offered women was some ibuprofen and a cervix shot to numb the area.

When the doctor was trying to locate my cervix for the shot I was getting extremely nervous, shaking, feeling like I might throw up, I was extremely scared. After 10 mins she said she couldn't find my cervix. We tried several times after that and she was getting frustrated. Seeing that I was extremely uneasy she decided to stop. I was relieved to be honest. She apologized and told me she would understand if I wanted to find another doctor, and that she would redirect me to someone else if that was my wish. I said no, that I would do the medical abortion instead. I had changed my mind.

I took the first pill there and came home with the instructions on how to proceed. I decided to wait a bit past the first 24h so my husband could be with me and help me through it.
I had painkillers (ibuprofen and Vicodin), a heating pad, thermometer to check my temperature regularly, maxi pads, drinks and food at hand, and everything I might need to help me through the process as comfortably as possible. And yet I was so nervous the whole day and the day before I barely got any sleep and barely ate anything. I had read so many bad stories of medical abortions I was preparing for the worse. But the worse never came!!

I took vicodin 1h before inserting the pills in my cheeks. 45 mins later I took the anti-nausea pill my doctor gave me, and 15 mins after that I inserted the 4 pills in my cheeks and waited 30 mins for them to dissolve, swallowing the remains with a bit of water afterwards. I laid down watching a movie with my husband, with a heating pad over my belly and waited for the horror to begin.
5 minutes after swallowing the pills I started feeling some light cramps, like what I usually have before my period arrives. Then I started feeling a general discomfort and numbness around my pelvic area and down my legs, sort of like a dull pain, which I also get when on my period. The cramps were not bad at all, maybe a 2. 20 mins later I got the chills, and that was the worst part for me. It hit me pretty bad. I couldn't stop shaking, the chills were so bad I could barely walk because I was feeling so week. But I got up with my husband's help and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. Waited a bit but nothing happened so I went back to bed. About an hour after I took the pills I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom again so I did. I sat on the toilet what looked like blood clots came out, 2 or 3, they were pretty big. Also started bleeding at that point.
From then on the cramps got a bit worse, nothing bad AT ALL! Maybe a 4, if that much, but that only lasted for about 15 mins. Then I had to go to the bathroom again and as I got up I felt a sharp pain. That lasted for about a minute until I passed something else, which I assume at this point was the pregnancy. Immediately after the pain stopped.

I didn't have a fever, didn't throw up, didn't even feel any nausea. Barely needed any pain medication, and at this point I was laughing and having a good time while watching a movie. The bleeding continued pretty heavily for about 2 hours after that, but now only 12 hours after I am barely bleeding anymore, and I feel no cramps or pain whatsoever.

I wanted to share my positive experience with anyone who might be looking for answers or reassurance about this procedure. I know how scary it can be, but it will be alright. Just make sure you are prepared for anything. I definitely recommend having a heating pad and pain meds for this, and also anti-nausea medicine.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for sharing your experience and I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you were anticipating. This is a very individual experience and although the procedure is similar each woman may react in a different way physically, emotionally and psychologically. When making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy, it is important to consider accurate information, and your own response to each of the options, as well as looking at other people's stories.

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