I just felt like I had no other option but to have an abortion

By anonymous on 04/05/2013
The test

I had symptoms like nausea and diarrhoea and took a pregnancy test. The results were positive. I told my boyfriend who I have been living with for 5 years and he told me that if I had the baby he would leave me and kick me out of the house. He is 31 years old and I'm 23. I am not in a good position with money since I have been working all these years in his business for free and he makes $500,000 a year.


I just felt like I had no other option but to have an abortion since I can't count on anybody else and didn't have a place to go.


I live in Puerto Rico here we don't have support groups so I am thankful that I found this one. The abortion process here is very different from the ones that I was reading, they did mine with a vacuum sort of machine. I called and made an appointment for saturday, I arrive at the Gyn office and they give me a chat of 10 minutes about the process and papers to sign and also paid $350. I was with 7 other patients the process takes 5 min and they use anaesthesia so I don't remember anything just laying on the chair that is the same as a gynaecologist office and the nurse putting the anaesthetic needle in my right arm. I woke up crying from the anaesthetic but with no pain.
Right next to me were the other girls some of them were sleeping others were nervous because they were next but then the doctor came out and said that I was just crying from the effect of the anaesthetic. I quickly stood up and left.
My boyfriend was waiting outside and I just fell asleep in the car. I'm still bleeding but I don't have pain. **What I do have is lots of ANGER towards the men I always thought loved me** I still can't believe that he was not there for me when I needed him the most after all of what I have done for him. He has a 6 year old child that is coming today for the weekend and I don't understand how he expects me to take care of his son when he force me to not have mine. As of this week I'm just crying alone all day in my bed I have not told anyone so I just cry alone.

Editor's Comment

I am not surprised that you feel angry if your boyfriend threatened to leave you and take your home away if you did not have an abortion. You felt threatened and pressurised into this decision, and powerless to make your own choice. Perhaps you could log into our secure Online counselling service to get some more help and support. for post abortion support.

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