My experience of abortion was horrendous

By anonymous on 04/05/2013
Well here goes.
I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant, 3 weeks exactly. I knew something was different about me I had felt it for a while now. When it dawned on me I was 5 days late I went straight to the local pharmacy and got a test, of course it was positive.

My boyfriend and I stared at it with disbelief but the doctors confirmed it a couple days later, we knew what we wanted to do.

We had never discussed keeping the baby we are both very young and we have always used some form of protection so it was an absolute mindblower when the test was positive. We are both University and don't really have anything to offer a child, especially financially.

A week later I went to the abortion clinic alone they did some routine tests and scans which I then found out I was 4 weeks, I decided to go ahead with the abortion.

I took the first abortion pill and then the second the next day. My boyfriend had gone home to visit family so I had to do it all by myself which I found extremely difficult.

It was not as easy and as painless as they had described, after placing the last 3 tablets inside myself the pain started in just under an hour; nothing helped, not painkillers, not loose clothing, not familiar surroundings and not hot water bottle like they had suggested.

I managed to crawl to the toilet in agony and as soon as I sat down I felt a massive gush from below.
I instantly felt faint and was immediately sick.
I eventually looked into the bowl to see a huge amount of blood and tissue.

I immediately regretted looking at it and flushed it all away whilst crying hysterically as I had realised what I had just been through and the reality of what I had just done.

The pain was still incredibly intense so much so when my house mate came home and saw me he immediately rang for an ambulance and I was taken to hospital and put on a drip for almost 8 hours.

My experience of abortion was horrendous, I don't regret having it but it was not as easy as everyone had made out and I hadn't really thought about how myself and my boyfriend would feel afterwards.

Now when I see friends getting pregnant and having children I can't deal with it, I get extremely emotional seeing scan pictures and my boyfriend doesn't really understand what I have been through and how much it has affected me; This in turn has affected our relationship.

So my advice would be to seriously think before you act. If I had known all I know now I may not have been so straight on having an abortion.

and I won't be having another !!

Editor's Comment

It seems wrong that women are not better prepared for the abortion procedure. It should be clearly explained what you will go through and possible effects. Although everyone experiences pain differently, there are a lot of women who post their stories saying that the pain was worse than they had imagined. I think if you have a decision like this to make you should have all the information about that decision so that you don't go into it with your eyes closed.
Struggling with pregnant friends, children and scan pictures are quite common problems after an abortion. If you continue to have difficulties, I would recommend post abortion support. You can call the national helpline, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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