I decided to terminate my pregnancy.

By anonymous on 03/06/2013
I read quite a few stories on this website and found they were very helpful with my decision to terminate my pregnancy. However I feel mine is one of the better stories.
I found out at around 5 weeks I was pregnant (pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period).
After a couple of visits to my GP in which we discussed all my options, I decided to terminate my pregnancy, being only 19 (although I have been with my supportive boyfriend for 2 years) it wasn't the right time for us. We have nothing really, his job is currently low paid and I'm only a student and we decided at this time in our lives it was unfair to raise a child when we have nothing to give it.
My GP - who was very sympathetic made me an appointment at the early pregnancy clinic, for the following week, I received a scan and found out I was 6 weeks 3 days and was offered an early medical abortion. The ultrasound screen was faced away from me but I asked to see the embryo, it was only a small sac no features of a baby could be noticed. At my local hospital the appointment for terminations could only be made at weekends - which was fine - and an appointment was made for the following weekend when I was exactly 8 weeks.

The procedure takes place over 2 days

On the Saturday we arrived at 10 o'clock and after being asked by the nurse if I was still sure of my decision I was given the first pill, after taking this pill you cannot change your mind. I then carried on my day as normal with no side effects, I was actually working all day and felt fine.

The following morning I (and my boyfriend) arrived at 9am where I was shown to my own room with a private bathroom and a comfortable reclining chair. The nurse then came in and after being talked through what would happen I was given 4 tablets to place under my tongue which dissolved within about 5 minutes. And was also given an antibiotic to place in the butthole, which although was embarrassing and I felt very awkward, had to be done (I've never felt anything up there before so was an odd experience) but it was not painful. I was offered paracetamol but decided to wait until I was in pain to take them - something I now regret.
Within 20 minutes I was in a lot of pain and felt very nauseous. The cramping started was pressing against my bowels and although I didn't actually need it, it felt like I constantly needed the toilet, whilst at the same time wanting to be sick. There was a buzzer in my room to reach the nurses which I pressed and to ease the nausea. I was offered and received a jag in my bum cheek to stop the sick feeling and another suppository to enter in the butthole to ease the pain as I felt nauseous I wasn't recommended to take it orally. I then sat in the chair in pain with my boyfriend stroking my arm for the next half hour and within 15 minutes the sick feeling was completely gone. The pain was still there but was slowing easing. You are encouraged to get up and walk around to speed up the process although all you really want to do is curl up in a ball.

You are instructed to pass everything into bed pans whilst using the toilet which although embarrassing at first it is so the nurses can see what is coming out of you. After I had stopped feeling sick I was given 4 antibiotics to take to prevent infection. Unfortunately I also had diarrhoea, which I was told is very normal. The bleeding was not heavy but you can feel as parts pass out of you, there were quite a few clots and after a large one I knew the sac had passed. It was after this the bleeding was a lot heavier. I tried eating a few sweets as I was hungry but within minutes I was sick, which was very unpleasant and I stuck to drinking non fizzy energy juice. You are told to being sugary snacks and drinks with you.

The nurses were very caring and sympathetic and checked on me often and took away used bed pans. I was told I would be there for a minimum of 8 hours and to bring an overnight bag in case of any complications. However the nurse said I was doing well and after around 6 and a half hours was told I could go home. I also received the contraceptive jag which lasts for 10 weeks (I had previously been on the pill) this was given to me through choice.

All in all for what it was the nurses made the experience very comfortable and were very pleasant and helpful. I feel I will always remember the termination but I knew it was what was best for me at this time. I was lucky to have my boyfriend support me and hope others have people around them they can trust to help them through. I am now lying in bed around 15 hours after the procedure. There is still bleeding which I was told would last for around another 7-10 days. I hope other girls find my experience helpful and make the decision based on what is right for them at their time in life.

Editor's Comment

It is good that your GP gave you time and the information you needed as you were thinking through your decision. I think if your GP is unable to do this it is worth talking it through with someone impartial who can help you to explore all the options.
As you say it is something that will always be part of your experiences in life. I hope that you recover well and support is available if you need it. You can call the national helpline, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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