An early medical abortion

By anonymous on 05/06/2013
I am writing this to tell people that you can have a positive medical abortion and all these bad stories aren't always what is going to happen. I read all these and got myself very worked up about it all but then when I went through the experience it was nothing like what I had read.

Here's my story, I was a week late with my period which has happened before but this time I felt different. They say when you are pregnant you know, and this was the case, so I took a pregnancy test one morning and it was positive. I knew straight away what I wanted to to do, as there is a lot more in my life I need to experience before having children. Luckily my partner that I live with agreed with my decision.
That afternoon I went to the doctors and told them I was pregnant and would like an abortion. My doctor was very good and referred me to Marie Stopes in Leeds and gave me the paperwork. That night I rang marie stopes, because I live far away from Leeds. They rang me back the next night to do my consultation instead of me having to go to Leeds then back again for the abortion. I had the consultation then made an appointment to go in 2 weeks to have the abortion.

On the day of the abortion I turned up at Leeds, had my first appointment where they check your blood pressure, take a prick of your blood from your finger, and then you have your scan which confirms how far along you are. You take your first tablet and do a chlamydia test, you then go away for 24 hours or in my case 6 hours so it can all be done in one day. We went into Leeds shopping and had a carvery and a costa so I was absolutely fine, no sick feeling or stomach aches. 6 hours later I returned to my second appointment. At first they gave me 2 antibiotics, 1 pill to get rid of sickness feeling, and a pain killer, then I was asked to place 4 tablet under my top lip and let them dissolve for half an hour, then to swill left over with water and swallow. We then set off home.
After arriving home it was about 2 hours before I started getting minor cramps and bleeding. I had a few blood clots but nothing major. The cramps carried on for about an hour and I thought I was going be in for a very long night as nothing was happening. I decided to have a bath and get ready for bed whilst in the bath my pregnancy came out. I had no sharp pains or really bad cramp, no sickness, no gushes of blood. I then got myself ready for bed and went to sleep the cramps never got severe, it just felt like a normal period. I was 6 weeks pregnant and I am happy with my decision and have no regrets.

Editor's Comment

Thanks for telling us your experience. As you say it is good to hear of different experiences.

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