I had a surgical abortion at 7 weeks

By anonymous on 08/06/2013
I had a surgical abortion at 7 weeks and it was the best decision that I made.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 10 years and we always spoke openly about having an abortion if the time wasn't right. My periods have always been irregular so I wasn't worried when it was a week late. However my breast became very tender and I kept cramping. A week later, my period still hadn't come so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I even bought a digital test to see how far gone I was and it said I was 3+ weeks.
I was going to wait till the next morning to go to clinic, but to be honest the clinics and GPs around my area were diabolical. Waiting times were ridiculous and I knew I had to act fast as I wasn't too sure how far gone I was.
I researched online and came across BPAS. I called them up and asked if I was eligible for a NHS abortion as I couldn't afford to pay for private care. They asked a few personal questions and luckily I was able to go on NHS. They booked me in for an appointment within two days.
I went into the hospital and had a consultation. They asked me questions about my last period, my situation and went through the different options I could take but I was determined I wanted an abortion. The nurse was very understanding and informative. She went through all the different procedures, and asked a few medical questions. She took me in for a scan to see how far gone I was. The screen was facing away from me and I was 6 weeks pregnant. After, she took a few blood tests and asked about my medical history.

She went through all the different abortion procedures and contraception.

I previously wanted to get a medical abortion however after reading people's experiences online, I decided to have a surgical abortion as I did not want to go through the pain and wanted the procedure to be quickly over with. I decided to had a coil IUD fitted in at the same time as the nurse explained it would reduce the risk of infection as I would be on antibiotics. Also I wouldn't have to go through the pain of insertion as I would be under general anaesthetic. After all the questions and consultation, my appointment for my abortion was booked 7 days later in the afternoon. I was given a leaflet to explain the procedure and the nurse informed me what to expect on the day. i was given two tablets that i had to insert in my vagina at 12.30 to prepare and soften the walls of my vagina. i was in consultation for an hour and a half.

My pregnancy was difficult, I was bloated, always hungry and felt constantly tired.
On the day of my abortion, I was only allowed tea and toast before 7.30am and wasn't allowed to drink anything after 11.30am. At 12.30pm I had to insert two tablets into my vagina. I arrived at the hospital for 2pm as advised and was taken in half hour later to the ward. I had a nurse ask me a few questions and she measured my legs for medical socks and I had to change into a gown.
There were many women around me of different ages, what surprised me was that there were a lot of older ladies there as my area is notorious for teenage pregnancies.
After half hour I was taken into theatre. The anaesthetist tried to insert the cannula into my vein but was having difficulties as he said I had a lot of valves in them, he attempted on my other hand successfully. They were friendly and chatty and put me at ease. I was given the anaesthetic and I just knocked out quickly.
The next thing I knew I woke up and it was over with. I had an abortion and coiled fitted. I was taken back to the ward and the nurse took my blood pressure. She gave me a tea and sandwich however I felt so nauseous. After I ate and drank the nurse gave me 4 antibiotic tablets to take. However I felt so sick that I asked the nurse for a bowl as I wanted to vomit. I was very sick and I couldn't hold down any food or liquid. After, I felt like I wanted to poo but I went to the toilet and blood came out with some blood clot. The nurse was looking after me as I was constantly vomiting and she inserted anti sickness fluid in my cannula.
My boyfriend arrived at this time as he was working. My body wasn't agreeing with the general anaesthetic and apparently it is common for oriental Asians to react that way with the general anaesthetic used. After I had to stay for a few hours and my blood pressure was monitored as it was low from being sick. I felt much better a couple hours later and was able to drink a cup of water without being sick. The nurse gave me another 4 antibiotics to take as I was ill and I was given paracetamol. I was discharged and went home. That night I had a bit of cramping and bled each time I passed urine but I wasn't in any more discomfort than having a period.

The BPAS was very quick, professional and efficient in responding. They will locate the nearest clinic/ hospital to you so don't be afraid to ask any questions or advice. Apart from being sick, the procedure was performed swiftly. I have to go back to the clinic in 2-4 wks to check up but I'm just glad I made the right decision.

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though you had plenty of support and reassurance. In terms of accessing abortion and your comments on GP's, all GP's have emergency appointments and if you feel you need to be seen quickly you can insist on an urgent 'on the day' appointment.

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