I thought termination would be the obvious choice but then I started having doubts

By anonymous on 26/07/2013
medical abortion abortion 6 weeks

24 years old, 6 weeks pregnant and I'm having my medical abortion as I write this. So why am I having an abortion?

On the 23rd of June I had a few drinks with a friend and we slept together. When my period was 2 weeks late I took a pregnancy test and it confirmed what I already suspected

I rang my local abortion clinic straight away and booked a telephone assessment for a few days later.

I had always thought that if this situation ever arose termination would be the obvious choice but then I started having doubts. It was only then that I decided to contact the father and let him know.

We spent a lot of time talking about it. We would both love a baby one day but neither of us are in a good financial position at the moment. I'm in the process of buying my first house and he has just made the great leap into self-employment.

The assessment went well. They ask a lot of questions and also explain the different options available and talk about what contraception will be used afterwards.

I had already decided I wanted a medical abortion

They explained it was a two-part process and as I was less than 9 weeks pregnant I could complete the second part of the termination at home.

The first part was on Wednesday the 24th July.

They scanned me to check how far along I was and we spoke again about contraceptive options and I had a swab taken for STDs.

I was given the first pill which stops the pregnancy hormones along with an anti-sickness pill as I had been having morning sickness. I had to stay at the clinic for 30 minutes in case I threw up the medicine but I was fine.

I was also given condoms and a few packets of the combined contraceptive pill. Along with this I was given two antibiotics to take Thursday morning and five more to take Thursday before bed. These were preventative measures to stop any infections.

The second part was today.

The father and I went to the clinic together. The nurse (the same one I spoke to over the phone which was nice) gave me a tampon in a cardboard applicator with two pills on the end and some lubricant.

I made a bad job of this! The applicator had been opened to get the pills in and the prongs cut me quite badly. I also got lubricant on the applicator so I couldn't get the tampon out. I eventually gave up and asked the nurse for another one which I managed to insert. I had to keep this in for an hour.

She offered me a strong suppository painkiller or a half-dose in tablet form, I chose the tablet.

She also gave me 24 hrs worth of codeine painkillers but I haven't needed to take these. The father drove me home and stayed with me all day.

As soon as I got home I changed into my PJs and sanitary pad, made us a cup of tea and I got myself some toast as I was starving.

I had mild cramps and only light bleeding at first. The cramps were never bad, my period pains are worse, but the bleeding got heavier. At this stage I went to sit on the toilet for a bit. I decided to have a look and the amount of blood shocked me.

When I came back downstairs I got a bit overwhelmed and I had a bit of a cry and a hug.

The second time I went to the toilet I decided to have a bit of a push. This is when I ejected the tissue, it felt like I was pushing out jelly. I cried out with surprise, there was no pain. The father looked very worried when I came downstairs!

All in all, it wasn't a terrible experience. We sat on the sofa all day chatting, drinking tea and eating cake and toast. The father went home a few hours ago and I'm not feeling too bad at all.

Sorry if this is a bit TLDR for some people but I am trying to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible.

Editor's comment

Thanks for sharing your experience of an early medical abortion. Please contact a centre in your area if you need any post-abortion support.

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