Today I had a medical abortion.

By anonymous on 11/10/2013
Today I had a medical abortion. I'm a single mother to a little boy and I found out I was pregnant shortly after splitting with my partner. He'd moved on and I decided that bringing a baby into the equation was the worst thing that could happen, not only for me and my ex but for my son. It was the hardest decision I've had to make but I know it was the best one.

After my first appointment not a lot happened I had slight cramps but nothing major and I started to bleed slightly. This morning I went for the second half of "treatment" a nurse put four tablets in to my vagina and an antibiotic in my bum, I was then told I could sit in the ward or wander outside as long as I was back for 11 to take my second lot of tablets. I returned to the ward and sat and watched a bit of tv, I had cramping but nothing too serious. I decided to go for some fresh air before my pain got too bad, as I was walking down the corridor I felt a pop and something hard slide in to my underwear. I turned back to get a nurse who took me to the toilets and helped me sort myself, I didn't want to look so she did all this for me. She then told me it was complete and I'd be able to go home in an hour as long as my bleeding was ok. It took an hour and a half, I was very shocked that it had happened so fast and with so little pain. No vomiting or anything. In a way I feel guilty that it wasn't worse, **I do not regret my decision but I do feel sad that I couldn't have this baby**.

Overall I was very lucky with my experience though it will stay with me forever.

Editor's Comment

It must have been a shock to discover the pregnancy just after splitting up with your partner;2 traumatic events on top of each other. If you would like some post abortion support it is available. You can call the national helpline, log on to Online advisor, or follow the link to find a centre for post abortion support in your area.

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