A medical termination at 8 weeks.

By anonymous on 11/11/2013
Medical Termination at 8 weeks...a positive story

I wanted to share my experience as I read a lot of stories before I went for my termination ( I don't like the word abortion ) and I was terrified but please be reassured that not everyone experiences extreme pain and if you are prepared and take the painkillers beforehand and have a hot water bottle ready you do not need to suffer too much. I had no pain until the Saturday two days after the second set of tablets and it was no worse than period pains and I had already passed the pregnancy by that point.

I took the first tablets orally on the Tuesday. I also had to insert antibiotics into my bottom before I left the clinic to prevent infection. This is not painful and was fine. I was asked to do it myself in the bathroom but you can have a nurse do it if you wish.

I was told I may bleed after the first tablet but it's rare. I was asked to return on the Thursday for the second set of tablets to be inserted vaginally by the nurse.

For the next two days I suffered from nausea and headaches that would not subside even with painkillers. I stayed in bed for most of this time.

On Thursday I got out of bed and discovered I had started to bleed heavily. It was so heavy I had to keep returning to the toilet and just let the blood and large clots drain from me as pads were not helping. I recommend you get maternity pads.

I managed to get a taxi to the clinic....you are not allowed to drive and I had to sit and wait for about 25 minutes. During that time I could feel that I was still bleeding heavily and there was a pressure building up down below. I went to the toilet and a vast amount of blood and very large clots and tissue passed out of me. There was no pain at all.

When I was asked to go into the examination room I explained that I had been bleeding heavily and had passed a lot of blood and tissue and I thought that the process had already happened. She phoned a doctor for advice and it was decided that they would go ahead and insert the four pessaries vaginally to make sure everything had been expelled. However when she inserted the four tablets mixed with a little ky jelly I started to bleed heavily again. She told me to go home and rest and gave me some codeine and diclofenac.

As soon as I got home I had the pressure feeling again and I went to the toilet and passed more tissue. I'm convinced that the tablets she inserted were lost pretty quickly. I was a bit concerned that the procedure would not have completed but I'm happy to say it's been two weeks and I have stopped bleeding and the procedure seems to have worked. I had no pain except for a little cramping on the Saturday which was eased with two co-codamol.

It's not always the horrific experiences you read about but be prepared. Have a loved one at hand and have your painkillers lined up and a hot water bottle for your back and tummy.

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