At nearly 9 weeks pregnant I decided on medical abortion

By anonymous on 22/01/2014
medical abortion abortion 9 weeks

I believe everybody needs to do which procedure is most comfortable for them.

I wanted a procedure less invasive where I had the option of privacy and grieving alone.

Things I wish I had known before having a MEDICAL ABORTION

  • The further along in your pregnancy, the more pain and blood you should expect. (9 WEEKS=PRETTY BRUTAL)

  • The pain, fever, sweating, cramping and nausea increases DRAMATICALLY before embryo/fetus drops (more than likely, codeine and ibuprofen won't help this pain, you just have to get through it, as it is very similar to a contraction).

  • I wish I hadn't been alone during this process. Would have been nice to have someone helping me, telling me it was going to be ok. CHOOSE WISELY THOUGH. I would say its better to be alone than with an annoying friend, nagging parent or loser boyfriend.

  • Have access to a toilet and TAKE THE ENTIRE DAY OFF if you can. REST AND DRINK FLUIDS. NO FOOD! I threw EVERYTHING up because the pills caused nausea, only adding to the discomfort.

    Here's a tip too- put your pain meds under your tongue to dissolve instead of swallowing. They will work faster and they are more effective in case you throw them up.
  • If you are far along in your pregnancy, expect heavier clots, but also expect TISSUE to expel as well.

    Tissue will take the form of hard, more solid, meatier, larger clots. These were passing the day after the embryo dropped.

  • You may see the fetus. It was traumatic and shocking. It looked exactly how you would think it looks. Best advice, don't look, just flush.

    This severe cramping and passing of the fetus lasted me about an hour, and it felt almost like an egg dropping, not a blood clot. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TELL. Also, I was completely immobile for this entire hour.


Privacy, less invasive, can be done at your leisure in your home.


Severe pain, visualizing and feeling every step of the abortion, and the anxiety of not being in doctor's care.


I had cramping for days after, mainly at night. A heating pad and the ibuprofen helped.

Blood flow slowed down around day 2/3, but was still constant.

Unfortunately, not much will prepare you emotionally or physically.

You just have to be strong and get through it, and YOU WILL. I did it alone, on my bathroom floor, crying, vomiting and sweating. I was worried and scared, but here I am. STRONGER.

I may never know if it was the right decision or not, and I'm ok with that. I am a stronger, wiser woman because of what I have been through now, and I chose to see my abortion as a lesson and not as a regret.

Editor's comment

It's helpful to have your comments and I agree that because abortion is outside of normal experience nothing really prepares you for what you may face. You can follow the link to find a centre for post-abortion support in your area.

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