I had a medical abortion.

By anonymous on 22/03/2014
I had a medical abortion. My story was a pretty painful one. The pain level for my body was heavy and severe.
My appointment was at 11 am and I got to see the doctor and took my first pill at 3 pm. I felt sick and had some side effects.
At 9.15 I inserted the four pills into my vagina and waited at my bed with netflicks, which I couldn't stand to watch. About an hour into it I began getting cramps like crazy so I went online to find relief. I walked to my bathroom and turned the water on. At this point my cramps were so bad that I fainted in the bathroom. I was still conscious but unable to move. I got undressed and got into the hot shower. It was comforting. But still severe. I then nearly fainted again. So I got out and sat on the toilet. I passed one clot and couldn't even keep myself on the toilet straight. So I laid on the floor. I went to bed around 3am and had to go between laying and sitting in a fetal position to help with the pain. I tried breathing deep.
I eventually took two 200 mg of Vicodin to help. It knocked me out but I felt a little pain still. Thankfully it knocked me out for two hours where another clot passed. At this point the process was pretty much done I now at 7 am feel a little pain but it's nothing like the process. I was unfortunate as I had the most severe pain. I hope the next few weeks go by smoothly

Editor's Comment

It sounds as though this was a difficult and very painful process for you. If you need any more help or support, or just someone to talk to please lo into Online advisor for post abortion support.

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