My daughter is over 18 weeks pregnant

By anonymous on 22/07/2014
My daughter is 22 and had a bowel problem, I took her to the doctors and they gave some medicine to get her bowels moving.
Next day he rang back to say he needed to see her asap,he then told her that she could have a knot in her stomach or be 12 weeks pregnant!! 2 days later I took her to A&E as she was in so much pain, and it turned out that she was pregnant,but they could not do a proper scan as the doctor had not referred her. She spoke to a different doctor and he gave her a name of a clinic, he was very helpful as my daughter was stunned and shocked to find out about the pregnancy.
We went to the clinic they said that she was 17 weeks 1 day, I nearly fell off the chair, my daughter decided that an abortion was her only choice, I told her that I would support her 110% whatever she decided.

This was the hardest thing for me to say as a grandmother

The pain I felt was like a knife, but it was her choice.
We went back to the clinic twice for the abortion only to be told that her bowel problem was stopping the treatment going ahead. She was sent home again at this time she was over 18 weeks. I can't tell you the pain I am feeling to say the least, I know this is not about me, but she has the support of her family and I feel that this baby is a fighter and does not want to go anywhere! This week she is booked in again for Saturday and I don't think that I can make that journey again, the silence and the waiting for your name to be called out is the worst thing ever. She will be over 19 weeks which means that the treatment will take about 4/5 hrs. As a mum and grandmother I wish that my daughter will come out of this not heart broken, time will tell.

Editor's Comment

It is very difficult to support your daughter while longing that she would choose a different option. You must feel very powerless, and perhaps fearful that a late abortion will affect her physically and emotionally. It may help you to have some support from Careconfidential Online, so that at least you have an outlet for your own emotions. for post abortion support.

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