I found most abortion experiences were mainly negative and upsetting

By anonymous on 31/07/2014
medical abortion abortion 8 weeks

I had a medical abortion last week and wanted to share my experience with people like me.

I searched the internet trailing for experiences, I found these mainly to be negative and upsetting!

I took the morning after pill

I am 26 years old and found out I was 8 weeks pregnant, this is after I took the morning after pill!

Me and my partner have been together 6 years and I know we are going to spend the rest of our life's together. I have just been promoted at work, booked a holiday of a lifetime for next year and although the thought of becoming a family was excited I knew deep down that me and my partner weren't ready!

We decided a termination was the best thing

We discussed it thoroughly and decided a termination was the best thing to do.

I went to the Whitworth family planning clinic one Monday and they confirmed my pregnancy. The nurse was very professional and very helpful. I explained to her what I wanted and why, she didn't judge me and just wanted to make sure that I was sure.

As I had visited at night time I had to call the sexual health team the morning after who would have my appointment ready. So the following day I called the number given and was offered the appointment the following Monday morning at Chesterfield hospital.

I could only wish this was earlier as all week I was in a state of panic and google experiences!!

Monday morning came and my partner was working away all week so I took my self to the women's health unit.

In the waiting area there were couples, young girls, older ladies etc. I'm not sure if they were here for the same reason but I felt comfort knowing I wasn't the only one going through this.

First appointment

This Monday I saw three separate people...

The First nurse took me for the scan... She was very nice and professional and made me feel at ease. She turned the screen away from me ensuring I didn't see it without me asking! She confirmed I was 8 weeks pregnant.

The next nurse took me into a doctor who made sure I hadn't changed my mind and had me sign a consent form! I'm sure if you changes your mind the signing of this doesn't matter. He then gave me an internal examination and took swabs for infection!

The third nurse took me in and explained she would have to book me in for another day for the first pill, I was quite upset as I wanted it then and there but I appreciate that they were very busy!

She asked me to sign a consent form for burial

She also asked me to sign a consent form for the foetus to be buried. This shocked me and I did get upset as it sounded so real! But I signed the form and booked for the Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday soon came and I was seen pretty swiftly when I got there. I was weighed and my height was measured and they also ran through medical history and once again made sure I was sure as they explained there was no going back after this pill. I agreed and took the first pill with water.

After this I had to wait in the waiting room for 30 mins to ensure I wasn't sick and then I could be on my way. I wasn't sick I didn't feel sick and I was fine to go back to work. The nurse mentioned to bring an overnight bag for the appointment on Saturday just in case. 

On Thursday I had no pains, felt fine and carried on as normal but I wore a sanitary towel just in case.

Really bad period pains

On the Friday I was fine in the morning but I had really bad period pains all Friday afternoon and night. I'm used to these as I struggle with period pains. I took some paracetamol and took myself to bed early Friday night ready for the second appointment Friday.

Around 2 am Saturday morning I woke up with the most horrendous pains and blood flooded out of me. I ran to the toilet and I sat there a couple of minutes whilst clots and blood gushed from me. I honestly thought that this was the abortion happening!

I didn't sleep that night and no more blood came out of me but it did panic me as I had not read anything like this when searching!

Second appointment

I got to the women's health unit on Saturday at around 8.15am with my partner in tow. I was greeted by two friendly nurses who welcomed me in, made sure I was comfortable and took my blood pressure and temperature.

I'll say again how nice and non-judgemental these two nurses were.

Around half an hour after taking my blood pressure and temperature the nurses came back and inserted 4 of the second lot of tablets at around 9.15am. I explained to them about the blood pouring out of me but they said not to worry.

Over the next 2½ hours I was constantly going to and from the toilet, I had a private room and felt comfy and as had only the slight twinge!

When going to the loo blood was coming out of me only when I pushed. This was clotting and stringy.

At around midday I had bad period pains and like some form of little contractions. I requested pain killers which were promptly bought to me and tried to go to sleep.

I felt a popping sensation

As I was dosing I felt a popping sensation and knew that this was happening. I rushed to the toilet and saw 2 of the tablets had come out in the bed pans given to me. 2 minutes after that I aborted the pregnancy.

Now I was determined not to look but I did. This did hit a nerve but I knew it was the right thing to do. So my partner called the nurse and she confirmed this and took it away! She explained to me I had to pass the placenta! This took another hour.

I felt emotionally & physically drained but relieved

After this I was allowed to go home as soon as "my wee had turned a light rose wine colour" I left chesterfield at around 2.30pm I felt both emotionally and physically drained but a sense of relief at the same time.

Although this was not a positive experience the only pain I had was of severe period pains. I am still bleeding today sometimes heavy sometimes light. My body still feels slightly drained but it's still a procedure I have been through so I expect that. Sorry this was long but I know it helped me read other experiences!!

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