I'm 18 and I had an abortion a week ago.

I'm 18 and I had an abortion a week ago. I was 8 weeks gone. I had 3 appointments, my first one wad to have my blood taken and to sign a document giving my consent,second one was to swallow a tablet orally, the nurse said I would have to stay in the hospital for up to an hour to make sure I wasn't sick but I was fine, went home for the next couple of days I had no cramps or bleeding. On my third appointment I was so nervous! My nurse showed me to my room and I got changed into comfy clothes then I got given 4 little tablets what wad inserted into the vagina and one more which was inserted into the anus(just to stop infection if there was any). About an hour went by and I felt fine a little cramping but nothing major, then about an hour in the cramping started, it's the worst pain possible! But it doesn't last for ages, but when it comes you'll know about it! I had to use a portable toilet so the nurse could see if it had passed. Do not look in the toilet! You might see something you didn't want to. And bring a couple pairs of joggers or something comfy because I went for a walk and I pretty much exploded with blood and urine I couldn't stop it. So extra pads and pants would be a good thing! When I got home I had baddish cramps for the next few days and bleeding, but it calms down after a while. Hope I've helped.

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It sounds as though you had intense pain and I am sure that the memory of this is hard to forget. I hope that you are recovering fro the experience but if you are struggling with either physical or emotional difficulties please contact CreConfidential so that you can get the help you need. for post abortion support. or call the helpline 0300 4000 999.
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