I was worried silly about my medical abortion at 6 weeks

By anonymous on 07/08/2014
medical abortion abortion 6 weeks

Hi I decided to have medical Abortion at 6 weeks after a shock pregnancy.

I had worried myself silly over all the horror stories online so was expecting the worst when the procedure came around!

First pill was fine she said there was a chance I could abort the "pregnancy" at this stage so went home and all was fine no pain nothing!!

Felt lucky to have escaped all the cramps

Thought that they may not have worked but felt lucky to have escaped all the cramps that many had said happened to them during the first pill stage

Within a good 8 hours after taking first pill I felt a massive sensation like I had either just come on or wet myself, so ran to the bathroom to discover it was blood!

Sat straight on the toilet and felt a dropping sensation. When I looked into the toilet I notice a small clot of blood which I assumed may have been the pregnancy. I did well up at this point and got upset as I had never experience anything like this before!!

I must stress I had no pain whatsoever

Managed to sleep okay until the next "wetting myself" sensation happened again during the night. Again I ran to the toilet and felt two dropping sensations I must stress I had no pain whatsoever!!

Next batch of pills was a day after this. I took them and was send home half an hour later.

Once home I noticed bleeding but not excessive just normal period amounts.

Again throughout the day dropping sensations which I assumed was the pregnancy tissues and some mild cramps!!

I want to stress how mild they were the only thing I noticed was the huge bloat in my belly!!!

I continued to bleed for a good week but again normal period no massive bleeding or anything. I was so relieved when it was over!!

My procedure was safe and virtually painless I had one day mild cramps and that was it!!!

Editor's comment

I am glad that the procedure was less traumatic than you were expecting. People do have very different experiences, and the amount of pain obviously varies a lot. The shock of facing an unexpected pregnancy was obviously difficult, and I can understand your feelings of relief that you are no longer facing this.

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